Spray tanning - over 16's only

Pre care - On arrival to your spray tanning session please arrive in loose clothing - this is to help the tan once applied to dry without any blotches.

Arrive with no foundation, no deodorant and freshly exfoliated skin.

Aftercare - To wait at least 6-8 hours for the tan to fully develop, To Moisturise after your first shower & there after every day to keep your skin soft and smooth. (Skin shreds on a day to day basis)


Pre care -To arrive in comfortable clothing, calm and in a fresh state of mind. 

After care - To not smoke, Drink alcohol or eat any unhealthy foods straight after your massage. with our massage techniques we use these to push away toxins from a build up of your body. These movements create an excessive blood flow around your system therefore can leave you feeling a little unbalanced and dizzy.

UV gel polish

If planning on having UV gel polish applied to your natural nails, please be aware that this is a semi permanent application and can last up to 6 weeks. If attempting to remove yourself your nail beds can become weak and torn. Please book in for a professional removal which doesn't cause any harm. We advise to have regular breaks between applications to allow your nail beds to 'breath' naturally.

Ear lobe piercing - over 18's without parents consent, 16 with parents.

Our earlobe piercing requires an adult to be present if 17 years and younger. If you have any allergies please let the piercing technician know in advance.

We have selected earrings available from plain to diamontes to shapes. We will show you upon arrival to see if you approve the styles.

Lash & brow tinting

We require a 24 - 48 hour patch test to be completed on you prior to us carrying out the treatment. this is to make sure you are not allergic to the products we use.

Lashes - require a glue patch test 24  - 48 hours prior to treatment

Cluster lashes - These are a small cluster of approx 5 lashes on one bulb which is applied on top of your natural lashes 1 by 1 next to each other to create a full volume look.

Hair treatments

On arrival to our we always say it is best to arrive a little early than late. Please be aware that we have appointment slots to see to all of our customers in one day without any delay. If you are having a major restyle we would advise you to bring along any pictures of the desired style you are looking for, this includes colours as well. Please also be aware that we do need to perform a patch test if you are having a full head of colour application. This is to make sure you are not allergic to any of our colours.