Facial area
Upper lip £28.00
Chin £38.00
Lip & Chin £55.00
Cheeks £45.00
Neck £50.00

Full Face  £150.00
Side Burns £60.00

Hand & foot area (pair)
Hands £35.00
Feet (top area) £35.00

Intimate area
High bikini line £65.00
Hollywood  (All off) £130.00
Brazilian (Strip) £95
Standard Bikini line £55.00

Full Leg (Both legs) £150.00
Half leg (Up to knee) £105.00
3/4 leg (Over the knee) £125.00

Main body area
Shoulders £100.00
Back £150.00
Abdomen £60.00
Chest £150

Nipple (Pair) £50.00

Arm area (Pair)
Full Arm £95.00
Under Arms £50.00
Forearm £60.00

Prices may varie for each individual depending on how many sessions our laser technician recommends.
Coarse hair may require more treatments on hair removal where as fine hair may not. Each individual will have a consultation carried out prior to any treatment going ahead to determine skin type, rule out any allergies & medical history.
Laser hair removal can be performed on all areas listed below:
Chin, Cheeks, Upper lip, Under arm, Forearm, Chest, Stomach, Back, Shoulders, Legs, Toes, Bikini line, Nipple, Neck.

Please note

Not everyone will need 6-8 sessions as a guarantee. Some clients may need less, This is a guideline. Skin type and hair thickness will varie between clients.

Consultation & patch testing must be carried out prior to treatment minimum 48 hours before course of treatment starts.

Hair removal pricing & information