Massage is available for both men and women. Please note that for ALL massage underwear is to be worn and Males are to come to the salon

Pre care
-To arrive in comfortable clothing, calm and in a fresh state of mind.
After care
- To not smoke, Drink alcohol or eat any unhealthy foods straight after your massage. with our massage techniques we use these to push away toxins from a build up of your body. These movements create an excessive blood flow around your system therefore can leave you feeling a little unbalanced and dizzy.

Mini massage

Over the back/neck area £10.00 15min

Holistic treatment

Indian head massage £21.00 (fantastic for headaches, eyestrain & depression)

This treatment includes the back (from the shoulder blades), neck, shoulders, top of your arms, head and face.

Indian head massage is a 30 minute treatment for those who are in need of a little relaxation for the top of the body also very good for those who are on a computer for long hours. This soothing treatment is done sitting upright in a low back chair for back support.
Oils or cream can be used to suit the clients needs.

Back, neck and shoulder massage

The back, neck and shoulder massage is brilliant for people who suffer from general back ache(lower back ache)shoulder and also neck knots, aches or pains. This treatment is 30 minutes long and at a low cost of £21.00.
Pressure is adjusted according to clients needs and comfort.

Back, neck, shoulder massage WITH hot stones

The back, neck and shoulder massage with hot stones is good for people who want to have a general relaxation massage with a nice and warm feeling along the back area. This treatment is 30 minutes long and at a low cost of £24.00

Swedish body massage

Swedish body massage is a relaxing full body massage. front and back of the body. It can include deep, firm pressure where needed on particular parts of the body such as upper back and shoulders. Over all swedish body massage is a sensational treatment to help soothe the tired body.

Express massage - £35.00 includes toes - neck
Luxury massage - £45.50 includes toes - top of head

Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing heated stone massage to help with aches all over the body, very good for stress and tension relief. £34.50 60 min - 1hour

Please note when coming to the salon for your appointment, be sure to arrive 5 minutes earlier to fill in your consultation form prior to your massage. if you do not turn up earlier the consultation will be over flowing into your massage time.

Massage Treatment