How long does it last?

Microblading is said to last up to 18 months, After your first treatment you will need a top up 4 - 6 weeks later to go over the treatment area to deposit more pigment to make sure it is all deposited correctly.

On arrival you will be asked to fill out a consultation with all medical history on, you will need to fill out this form to the best of your knowledge. once signed the form you are agreeing for us to go ahead with the micro blading treatment.

Before & after photos of your brows will be taken as part of the consultation process. Your face will not be included in the photo.

Does it go scabby after? or bruised?

It can feel bruised / tender once had the treatment done. We advise to leave the area untouched and to apply the cream we give you upon leaving after the treatment to keep it soft and supple.

Does it hurt?

Microblading is said to be a little bit stingy if no topical anestetic has been used prior or within the treatment time.

I am allergic to topical anaesthetics. can I have it done without?

Yes you can do however it may hurt a little more so than you would if you used a light numbing cream.

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Can I have it done if I am pregnant?

No, We will not do any microblading on someone who has just fallen pregnant or is further along because the pigment is being deposited into the blood stream.

I love using sunbeds, can I have it done?

you can have a sunbed 1 week before having the treatment done but not any time nearer or after especially within the healing process. Sunbeds & the sun can cause the brows to discolour and in the healing time frame we prefer if the brows can heal naturally without any interferance.

Do you need a patch test?

You certainly do. We will not carry out any treatment unless you have had a patch test performed by us at least 3 days prior to having the treatment done.

What is micro blading?

Micro blading is small fine hair line strokes used by a small pen type instrument which cuts into the skin to allow us to deposit pigment on the colour this is fantastic for sparse eyebrows, Scarred brows, Gappy brows or non existent brows.

We currently have an offer on for microblading for models at just £95.00 there after will be £160.00.

All we ask for is a 50% deposit on booking