Here you will find our price list for laser tattoo removal in Colchester

This pricing is per session. We will need to carry out a consultation to determind an average number of sessions along with a patch test to assess the skins reaction to our ND yag laser.

Patch tests are £15.00 including the consultation. We do bulk buying sessions which work out cheaper than paying individually. Please do ask.

Tiny up to 1 inch £20 per session

Small up to 2inch £40 per session

Medium up to 5 inch £60 per session

Large up to 8 inch £85 per session

Extra large up to 12 inch £140 per session

Huge up to 22inch £205 per session


ND Yag laser tattoo removal price list & information

We do require a patch test minimum of 48 hours prior to receiving the full treatment on the area to be treated. You will experience, as some people say ''like a rubber band flickering sensation'' on the area. bear in mind for the patch test we only need to perform 3 quick shots to see the skins reaction.  You may experience redness and swelling, like gas bubbles on the area which should settle down after 30 minutes. we will provide aloe vera on the area to act as a cooling agent to soothe the area straight after.