Half leg £16.50
3/4 leg £18.50
Full leg £21
Bikini line £7
Underarm £7
Lip or chin £5.50
Lip and Chin £8.50
Forearm £8
Full arm £11.50
Eyebrow £6.50
Sides of face £8
whole of the face £20
Back £15.50
Chest £16.50
Chest and Stomach £18.50
Shoulders £7
Toes £3
full face waxing including forehead, eyebrows, lip and sides of face £15.50 Please ask for any other waxing requirements

Please note the following

When waxing please DO NOT moisturise on the same day, as this can stop the wax from sticking to the skin. All Hairs should be long enough to wax, I recommend to leave your leg, Back, Stomach hair Etc to grow 3-4 weeks prior to waxing depending on hair growth. If the hair is not long enough it will make it 10x's harder for the beautician to be able to grip onto the hair for it to be removed which can result in patchy work.

Products used
I use a gentle wax known as warm wax, Warm wax is used for the following areas only.
Chest, Stomach, Back, Bikini line, Fore arm, Underarm, Brows, Lip and legs.
Warm wax is a sticky wax aimed at removing hairs which have been growing for approx 4 weeks. Warm wax is designed to be applied with the hair growth and removed by either a fabric or a paper waxing strip. A waxing oil is then applied to remove any sticky residue from the skin.

Intimate areas are used with a hot wax. Hot wax is another method of wax which is a non sticky formula designed to be applied against the hair growth to sandwich any fine small hairs in between. this is then removed by lifting the edges slight and stretching and fast application of removal by your hands. Hot wax is the only wax which should be used for the intimate area only, however if someone is allergic to warm waxing and can only use a hot wax for the brow or lip area this is also fine.

Maintenance appointments

On leaving I generally make another follow up appointment to keep you maintained, I generally say 4-6 weeks for any waxing follow ups. Your hair grows in three different stages so the reason why I say 4-6 weeks is so this gives the hair a chance to grow up through the skin layers and then it will be long enough for a smooth wax.


Eyebrow Thread £10.00
Lip Thread £8.00
Side of face Thread £8.00


Female Intimate waxing

High bikini line - £10.00
Brazilian - £22.00
Hollywood - £27.00


Male waxing

​Nostril - £6.00

​Ears - £7.00

​Bottom -£ 12.00

Chest - £16.50

​Stomach & chest - £19.50